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Artificial Intelligence ECM system is built on the basis of Alfresco storage. ECM-paltform Alfresco is a progressive software product for managing flat content and shared work with information.

The use of Alfresco edged and innovative architecture of basic services for managing documents enabled us to concentrate and direct our investments to business applications while one of the most active opensource system developers community is engaged into the platform development.

Despite quick development Alfresco system is a mature service-oriented enterprise system which provides our solution with absolute technological advantages unachievable with the popular packaged ECM-systems.

Artificial Intelligence ECM system is created for middle-sized and large-scale enterprises with a complex multidimensional corporate information system:

  • Is based on popular and flexible opensource solutions - Spring, Hibernate, jBPM, Lucene etc.;
  • Supports up-to-date operation systems Windows Server, Linux, MacOS, application servers - JBOSS, Websphere, Oracle AS and DBMS - Oracle, MsSQL, DB2, PostgesSQL, MySQL;
  • Open module architecture - (DM) Document management, (RM) Recirds management, (WCM ) Web-content management;
  • Transactions and verbal security logic support based on the aspect-oriented software development provides unprecedented flexibility in system resources differentiation;
  • SOA-architecture provides external applications with the access to the storage functions via web-services including access from client environment Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby;

Storage basic services:

  • Documents metadata retrieval;
  • Documents formats transformation;
  • Documents templates support;
  • Content classification;
  • Versions control;
  • Full-text search;
  • Workflow and life-cycles support;
  • Actions and content audit;
  • Virtual file systems support - WebDAV, FTP, CIFS;
  • Authentication with the use of NTLM, LDAP, JAAS, Kerberos.

Application solutions ECM:

  1. Contracts management;
  2. Correspondence management;
  3. Source and account document management;
  4. Insurance documents management.
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