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We ensure that your CRM system is designed to support fine-tuned, interactive communication with customers and allows to flexibly adjust your customer policy and marketing strategy to the changing customer needs.

Artificial Intelligence makes the most valuable CRM features work for your business. We offer:

  • Custom CRM solutions & modulesdevelopment

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRMfull-cycle implementation

  • SalesForce CRMintegration and custom add-ons development


  • Customer profiles: data collection, aggregation, history tracking
  • Customer segmentation rules automation
  • Market analysis and trends tracking
  • Cost-of-sale and resource allocation management
  • OLAP Techniques Implementation
  • Reporting Tools Configuration
  • Dashboards & Scorecards
  • Planning & Scheduling Tools
  • Task Management Tools
  • Issue Tracking Tools


  • Leads and opportunities management
  • Product management
  • Campaign management, results acquisition and assessment
  • Sales administration
  • Contract and Order management
  • Sales cycle & pipeline management
  • Corporate data flow & Knowledge management
  • Document management
  • Collaboration workspaces
  • CRM system remote and mobile access


  • Inquiry repositories and processing
  • Request handling automation
  • Customer Helpdesk automation
  • Call Centers automation
  • Alerts & Notifications automation
  • Customer Access Portal
  • Integration with customer’s data transfer systems and APIs


Artificial Intelligence deploys CRM features that help you to resolve the most vital segmentation problems.

  • 1Accurately define customer segment

    • Formalize and aggregate financial, legal and historical data related to a customer both from external sources and in-house data storages.
    • Automate segmentation depending on the data collected and rules applied.
    • Automate segmentation audits ensuring that new essential data affects transferring a customer to the other segment.
  • 2Apply customer policies according to segmentation

    • Switch routing, guidelines and restrictions within your processing and financial systems.
    • Automate notifications and alerts for customer-related process participants.
    • Collect feedback to improve policies & segmentation rules
  • 3Track & manage performance

    • Visualize customer statistics per segment in order to promptly distinguish valuable and low-profit groups
    • Check and compare related activities efficiency for different customer segments
    • Efficiently allocate advertising, sales and customer service resources and efforts


  • Deep understanding of the customer's specific business requirements and skillful technical project realization are a passport to success of any CRM development project.

    The result is a powerful, cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-use CRM system allowing your employees and customers to benefit from effective organization of business processes and intelligent decision making while bringing the risks of your IT investments to the minimum.

    Artificial Intelligence provides professional assistance at all stages of CRM implementation:

    • Research and consulting
    • Development from scratch
    • Platform customization
    • Existing solution redesign and extension
    • Deployment
    • Integration
    • User training
    • Support & Maintenance

Sales Cycle Acceleration

  • While developing a CRM solution Artificial Intelligence pays special attention to optimization of existing business processes in order to accelerate all sales stages from lead generating to deal-sealing, giving you full control over the sales process.

    Our CRM implementation approach empowers companies to:

    • Identify gaps and bottlenecks in their sales cycle
    • Create collaboration areas for sales, marketing, and production divisions
    • Track sales costs per customer segment and sales channels such as wholesale/retail networks, dealers and resellers, direct and phone sales, etc.

Measurable Marketing

  • Professionally designed and implemented, the CRM system leverages sales force efforts, allows to re-assess sales territories and re-distribute company’s efforts to the most profitable areas.

    CRM knowledge management tools help aggregate and communicate to the personnel the best sales practices and experience. Data-driven customer prioritizing allows planning your market and price strategy more effectively.