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Today AI signed the Exclusive Partnership with Shenzen AEE Technology.


Shenzhen AEE Technology is:

 - One of the world’s leading manufacturers of recording equipment, providing the world with the required tools for high difficulty shots

- One of the world's leading manufacturers of multi-rotor UAV systems, one of the world's first integrated multi-rotor UAV systems

- National high-tech enterprise with a brand recognized in Guangdong and Shenzhen

Shenzhen AEE Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading global provider of recording equipment, multi-rotor UAV systems and unmanned aircrafts. The company was founded in 1999 by Mr. Xianzhi Zhang through an investment of 200 million Yuan. The company aims to become a first-class electronic technology enterprise, a world renowned brand and views garnering national glory as a responsibility. AEE is an electronic technology enterprise composed of R&D, manufacturing and sales focuses. It is the parent company of subsidiaries focused on UAV’s and their corresponding aircrafts, police equipment, and other precision technology.