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With 2K 1296p recording and Ultra-HDR technology, Marcus4 Premium is our single channel Dash Cam flagship top model. 
F2.0 160 degrees super-wide-angle view with 4 Mega-Pixel great low light sensitivity CMOS sensor provides superior video quality including 2560p (Movie mode), 1296p (2K) and 1080p Full HD. 
With Smart Parking Mode function built-in, you may have new Vico Power-PLUS (optional) Power management device to enhance your parking surveillance to have full coverage on vehicle.


Extreme HD 2K Recording, Image Revolution

All new Vico-Marcus4 Premium applies Ambarella new High-end A7 main-chip with new CMOS sensor, providing extreme HD 2K resolution superior video quality during day and night time. Smooth real-time H.264 video offers less distortion/mosaic and more detail, which is equal to Blue-Ray Disc 1080p (Full HD) and above (1296p 2K Extreme HD)

New Generation HDR CMOS, Better Image Quality

Vico-Marcus4 Premium applies new 4 Mega-Pixels HDR CMOS sensor, providing higher low light sensitivity and saturated colorful video. Also equipped with new High Dynamic Range technology, which is much better image quality than old WDR technology. New HDR becomes a new superior standard of Vicovation Car DVR.


Diverse Ratio of Recording

Vico-Marcus 4 has a break through on video ratio, which provides the world's first 21:9(2560 x 1080) ratio. Provide more angle on the horizontal level. Still, Vico-Marcus 4 has 1296p or 1080p HDR for your preferece.


Compact design makes neat installation

Vico-Marcus 4 decreases 45% width, compared with previous model (Vico-SF2). Compact design makes neat installation.


Compatible with Standard 52mm CPL filter

The new quick mounting bracket of Vico-Marcus Series is compatible with standard 52mm CPL filter. Choose Marcus CPL filter or compatible one to reduce the reflection effect from the windshield, getting more saturated and beautiful video.


Optional GPS module, enhance more features

New SW upgrade with human voice alert Equipping with optional GPS module, Vico-Marcus4 supports extra Smart Warning function, including GPS tracking/LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)/FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System)/Over-Speed Warning/Current Speed & GPS location overlay. With new SW upgrade, alert becomes human voice, not just beeps.


New Ultra-HDR High Dynamic Range, beyond old WDR

New 4 Mega-Pixels HDR CMOS sensor provides ultra-HDR technology, generating much wider dynamic range of video exposure than old WDR tech. HDR combines 2 different exposure pictures in one (one long exposure time and one short exposure time). Merging into a great picture with best balance lighting and lowest noise to avoid over exposure cause by car front light, and better noise reduction performance.


160º sees more

Vico-Marcus 4 applies megapixel 160° view-angle lens. The field through front window is completely recorded. Even cars from left and right sides can be clearly recorded.


75?-the proof of quality

Even if the temperature inside car in summer time goes high, Vico-Marcus never stops recording.


Seamless record captures every second

Vico-Marcus captures every moment with high quality video. The high performance compression chipset ensures seamless record. Not a second will drop.


Share "me-featured" video

Vico Tag embeds your name into video and let you share the video with unique origin.


Emergency record never drops

Press orange button upon emergency; Vico-Marcus 4 will save 30 seconds video before and after the moment. This file will be reserved without being recycled.


G-Sensor, detects impact

Built-in 3 Axis G-Sensor will detect impact and trigger emergency record automatically.


Unique Smart Parking Mode, Complete Surveillance, and Full Auto!

Smart Parking Mode function provides complete protection of your car even when parking. With all-time power environment modification, Marcus4 will enter motion detection mode automatically after 10mins parking. It’s fully automatic, so you don’t need to press anything while leaving your car. Recording will be triggered by motion detection and G-Sensor only. Where there is no motion detected, camera stays in standby mode to save SD card memory. While you come back to vehicle, Smart Parking will switch back to normal recording automatically by G-Sensor detection.

Special Notice: Vico-Marcus4 does not contain battery inside, requiring special power modification to provide all-time power supply for activating this function. You may purchase our optional Vico Power-PLUS accessory for self-installing, or installed by professional car technician.

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