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The RX8W is an advanced rear-view mirror dash camera. Now upgraded with better optics, greater range of lens motion and an internal 5Hz GPS. The RX8W is now much thinner at 1 cm and is sure to delight users.

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Ultra Thin Design

Thinnest dash camera at 1cm excluding the lens. Reduces bulk and increases the sleekness of the camera.




Internal 5Hz GPS Logger

The first mirror dash cam with an internal GPS. Track the speed and position of your vehicle without adding more wires. Your location is updated 5 times a second for improved accuracy. The camera automatically synchronizes the time and date with the atomic clock once connected to the GPS system.




Highly Adjustable Lens

Position your lens for the perfect video angle through the increased adjustability of the new lens design. 60% increased range of motion over the RX8W.







Anti-Glare Mirror Coating

Makes your drive easier at night by reducing the glare from headlights reaching your eyes






Backlit Keypad

A soft white glow illuminates the keypad at night increasing style and makes it easier to operate the camera at night.






Large 4.3? LCD Screen

A large 4.3? screen is embedded behind the RX8W’s glass screen. Easy to read and disappears when it’s not in use to avoid distracting the driver.






Patented VELCRO® Brand Strap Design

Straps to your existing rear view mirror using a patented design for ease of use and reduced vibration.


Supports 64GB* microSDXC Cards for 
10 Hours of 1080P Recording

See our recommended memory cards

Record A Full Workday

If driving is your livelihood and a complaint could put you out of a job ensure you can respond to any called in complaints.

See our recommended memory cards





Starts Quickly

From power to recording the camera starts in 8 seconds. No need to wait for protection.






Advanced Wide Dynamic Range

Captures details more accurately under difficult lighting conditions. Two exposures settings when recording, combined into one frame.



Full HD Resolution Recording

Records at 1920×1080 at 30FPS. Uses H.264 compression technology to achieve a longer recording time.



Japanese f/1.6 Lens

Japanese-made, 6-element lens with a f/1.6 aperture. 66% larger compared to the competition. More light, Less Noise.



MicroSDXC Compatible

Use 64GB cards to capture up to 10 hours of 1080P video.






Automatically Records

In most vehicles the camera automatically turns on and records. Shutting off the vehicle turns off the camera after safely shutting down.



Loop Recording

Continuously records video without interruption by overwriting the earliest files when the card has been filled.




Microphone Mute

Easily mutes the microphone using a dedicated button for private conversations.

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