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MobiFly Track or MobiFly Fleet aka "GPS Fleet Tracking System"

GPS fleet monitoring and control system MobiFly Track is a convenient and efficient solution to increase effectiveness of fleet management and optimize its maintenance costs.

Discover the benefits of our fleet tracking solution that will allow you to reduce your overhead costs, monitor daily use of your fleet/freight resources, increase employee productivity, and obtain many other vital benefits that are crucial to a productive and successful business.

Implementation of MobiFly Track will allow you to:

  • Increase efficiency of vehicles logistics;
  • Make optimal decisions in all possible situations (delays, queues, traffic jams, etc);
  • Reduce idle time;
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage;
  • Decrease transportation and maintenance costs;
  • Improve services quality and strengthen company’s image.

With MobiFly Track you can:

  • Monitor daily use of your resources in real-time, browse vehicle movement history and vizualize it;
  • Increase employee productivity and efficiency by eliminating idling events and wait time;
  • Define routes and virtual boundaries for vehicles to optimize logistics and prevent unauthorized use;
  • Create different types of alerts - whether it is a need for scheduled maintenance, system abuse or route violation, you will be notified immediately;
  • Utilize high-precision measurement of fuel level in tank, and obtain detailed information about fuel tank fueling, fuel consumption, prevent fraud, draining and unauthorized use of fuel;
  • Generate structured reports to know what’s going on in your fleet at a glance.

What makes MobiFly Track even more attractive are low prices with no hidden costs, flexible discounts and inliidual approach to every customer.

We can also adapt system to your specific needs to increase the value of its implementation for you. For instance, if you have any preferences in tracking devices, we will add their support into the system.