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Enjoy the game from home as you were there, with our edge technology of the Digital Teleportation goggles.

Adding a 360° HD camera in the bench give DT-goggles users the abilities to set next to their star. When the goggles block everything in your room and broadcast a live feed that simulate your eyes and head motions make you exactly as you were there for real. One chair can be rented by millions of fans simultaneously. 


Or become one with the driver


Or go to a live concert or a premere movie without leaving home

Not anyone can attend a premiere movie and set next to the star or be on stage at any concert; with our goggles you can. The ultimate opportunity to watch premiere movie live from any movie theaters worldwide or attend a sold-out concert by simply renting one seat to millions by add 360° camera. Or have a deal with the theaters owner and share the virtual tickets profit.