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Built for the user who needs a total safety solution. Marcus 5 DUAL has front and back camera lens record at the same time. Both are the Full-HD 1080p resolution.

Image Quality Revolution

Vico-Marcus 5 DUAL applies Ambarella new High-end A7 main-chip and new high-end CMOS sensor. The powerful hardware combination provides DUAL Full-HD 1080p video footage.


Front and Rear Dual Full-HD 1080p Camera

Vico-Marcus 5 DUAL contains front and rear camera with DUAL Full-HD 1080p for more protection and complete the situation while accident happens.



Compatible with Standard 52mm CPL filter

The new quick mounting bracket of Vico-Marcus Series is compatible with standard 52mm CPL filter. Choose Marcus CPL filter or compatible one to reduce the reflection effect from the windshield, getting more saturated and beautiful video.


GPS mouse with more features

With GPS mouse (optional accessory), Vico-Marcus will support several feasible features, such as GPS Tracking/LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)/FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System)/Current Speed & GPS Location Overlay. For some countries, over-speed camera detection system is available.


WDR + 3DNR image process

Vico-Marcus applies WDR technology which can balance the bright and dark parts and generate high image quality.


145º sees more

Vico-Marcus applies megapixel DUAL 145° view-angle lens. The field through front window is mostly recorded.



Full HD + H.264 compression, less mosaic

Vico-Marcus applies new H.264 compression chipset. It provides the same image quality as Blue-Ray Disc level’s. It captures every moment with most details.


75?-the proof of quality

Even if the temperature inside car in summer time goes high, Vico-Marcus never stops recording.


Seamless record captures every second

Vico-Marcus captures every moment with high quality video. The high performance compression chipset ensures seamless record. Not a second will drop.


Share "me-featured" video

Vico Tag embeds your name into video and let you share the video with unique origin.


Emergency record never drops

Press orange button upon emergency; Vico-Marcus 5 DUAL will lock both front and rear video. This file will be reserved without being recycled.


G-Sensor, detects impact

Built-in 3 Axis G-Sensor will detect impact and trigger emergency record automatically.

Smart Parking Mode

Vico-Marcus 4 enables motion detection and starts recording during temporary parking period. 
Smart Parking Mode provides complete car protection, preventing your car from accidental impact or sabotage in the parking lot. Video recording will be activated by motion detection. If there is none motion detected in front of the camera, device will switch to standby mode automatically, saving memory in SD card.