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Artificial Intelligence is a professional rising company for assisting in generating consistent and robust financial success for your business. Together with our trusted partners we pride ourselves in providing intelligent system solutions, innovative products and comprehensive services. We combine intellectual freedom with experiment and innovation, apply old-fashioned values and modern-day challenges to develop intelligent system solutions for you.

Our team and partners from Europe present incredible knowledge and outstanding work. Our partners have their offices all over Europe (UK, the Netherlands, Helsinki, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Belarus), as well as in Canada and the USA. Being certified partners for the leaders in the industry (Microsoft, SAP Services, ISO 9001, IBM, ORACLE), today our team comprises 1050+ professional programmers experienced in software development and technologies. Artificial Intelligence is brining all of the best specialists to work upon your request to make your business succeed.

Our dedication to building easy-to-use solutions, industry-specific knowledge and the ability to manage complex IT projects — are those core competencies which are so important for gaining trust from customers and growing our business. We are in business to help our customers create new innovative services and solutions, thus giving them additional competencies and helping them to gain more control of their operations and enhance profitability. Our success proceeds from combining innovation with lower production costs.

Our Values, Mission and culture

To become a recognized industry leader and a company of first choice for IT and Telecom development projects. And this is how we are planning to achieve that:



  • We get out into the market to listen, learn, study and observe.
  • We tailor price, performance, schedule and risk to meet each customer's requirements.
  • We stimulate/encourage market research.
  • We foster a culture of team spirit, innovation and excellence.



  • We have a passion to represent all the choices and possibilities for your prosperity.
  • We have a pioneering and unique approach to make a success for every customer, for any business.
  • We are flexible and agile in everything we do.
  • We don’t go less, than our best.

Our Culture


  • View our consumers and customers as central to everything we do, every day in every way.
  • Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Act urgently, work efficiently.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Professional, creative and flexible staff ready to meet any IT challenge.
  • Effective strategy, which insures delivery on time and on budget.
  • Strong emphasis on security, confidentiality and intellectual property protection.