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From financial and human resources management to procurement and order processing, Artificial Intelligence delivers enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems boosting operational efficiency of your enterprise


  • Artificial Intelligence offers ERP modules implementation for companies that look for strengthening their competitive edge with smart technologies and business process engineering.

    • Integration of multiple disparate functions within the enterprise
    • Greater efficiency of business processes
    • Automation of manual processes
    • Greater visibility for business stakeholders
    • Ability to meet compliance requirements
    • Process cost savings
    • Better connections with customers and suppliers


We have strong technology capabilities to deliver effective solutions that match your business needs and IT development strategy.

  • Microsoft Technologies

    We deliver a comprehensive set of skills and experience for companies with Microsoft-based IT-infrastructure.

  • Open-source Solutions

    We help in building business process automation with Java and web-oriented technologies such as PHP and Ruby on Rails.

  • SAP Consulting

    We offer SAP services ranging from business consulting to deployment, extensions development and solution support.


  • Our array of ERP services is engineered to support your organization’s needs now and well into the future, helping to reduce TCO and easily scale the solution together with business growth and diversification. To satisfy these principles we always keep in mind the following vital points of ERP system design:

    • Establish full support for efficient processing of huge data volumes
    • Build a foundation designed and created on service-oriented architecture principles
    • Professionally and judiciously implement web technologies wherever appropriate
    • Deploy or migrate to cloud computing when ready
    • Configure hardware, including servers and other equipment
    • Support geographically distributed business units and mobile access


Resource planning applications are mission critical to your effective operations and business continuity. To leverage your competitive advantage, you need access to key business information in real time to enable efficient planning throughout your organization. Itransition offers a long-term partnership to develop, customize, implement, and maintain ERP systems while keeping them flexible to add new features when a new business need emerges.

  • Planning

    At this early stage Itransition business analysts, consultants and system architects are fully dedicated to comply project vision, business process understanding, and requirements management.

  • Building

    Itransition secures ERP project success by fully utilizing the strengths in software architecture design, mature project management and proven quality assurance processes.

  • Running

    After the solution is deployed, integrated, and the stabilization phase is accomplished, Itransition provides diligent long-term support and maintenance of the implemented software system.


  • Business Planning

    Plan, manage and control your enterprise resources effectively through intelligent analysis and forecasting of demand, available resources and sales opportunities. Create summarizing dashboards of your enterprise key performance indicators (KPIs) for business intelligence to support decision-making.

  • Procurement

    Establish a complete procurement management system; search, create and retain vendor information; track pricing; streamline purchase-order creation; easily manage deliveries and acceptance; ensure quality of all goods purchased.

  • Production Management

    Build and manage production plans as needed, aligning them with demand and available resources; efficiently control production sites, work hours, security issues, and production time.

  • Finance

    Simplify creation, management and control of your balance sheets, cash flow monitoring, accounts management and reconciliation. Produce financial reports on material, labor, production costs and revenues in minutes.

  • Inventory Management

    Set up highly automated inventory management; facilitate and automate most recurring transactions; manage all aspects of delivery and track detailed product information.

  • Human Resources

    Automate typical human resources processes and staff management; streamline management of employee job histories, payrolls, benefits administration, etc.

The title prompts that the core object of any EDM System is a document. But behind each document there are multiple business workflows and people who bring the process into action. That’s why Artificial Intelligence’s primary focus lies on facilitating and automating all document-related operations (document routing, lifecycle management and search) and saving your employees’ time for more creative work.

Artificial Intelligence ECM system is built on the basis of Alfresco storage. ECM-paltform Alfresco is a progressive software product for managing flat content and shared work with information.

The use of Alfresco edged and innovative architecture of basic services for managing documents enabled us to concentrate and direct our investments to business applications while one of the most active opensource system developers community is engaged into the platform development.

Rich online experience for Marketplaces, Auctions, Real Estate, News & Broadcasting, Media & Entertainment, Social Networks & Communities

  • Experience in building complex websites, applications and portals - from compact vertical solutions to sophisticated horizontal and cloud portals.

  • Dedicated web development division focus exclusively on delivering internet business solutions and corporate internet-facing web applications.



The rich experience gained during hundreds of successfully executed projects allows Itransition to provide solutions that meet most challenging and tough market requirements.

  • Immediate reliable and secure access to portal services and content
  • Scalability to support growing data flows and number of users
  • Smooth and reliable functioning with no downtime
  • Quick and finely tuned processes and user-oriented functionality
  • Support of all popular e-Payment systems or 3d-party payment gateways
  • Easy catalog, content and user management
  • Reporting and statistics visualization
  • Effective search tools, adjusted per set requirements
  • Real-time personal and bulk notifications
  • Document management features


  • Ecommerce

    Ecommerce portals developed by Itransition ensure that your ecommerce initiatives take full advantage of the 24/7 web presence. We build highly efficient B2B and B2C ecommerce solutions, which enable our customers to plan and manage product lines, distribute and share information between suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and customers.

      • Online retail
      • B2B and B2C marketplaces
      • Auctions and budding platforms
      • Advanced booking applications
      • B2B connectivity portals
  • Content Management

    Itransition CMS solutions enable you to make your web portal an effective communication, marketing, and sales tool through dynamic updating, managing and distributing of your web content. Our CMS solutions are aimed at creating scalable and easy to use content management tools able to support multiple websites and languages.

      • Content management systems (CMS)
      • Document management and collaboration
      • Business intelligence and data mining
      • Media publishing
      • Content Distribution Networks
  • Social Networking

    We focus on creating attractive, easy to use and scalable social software that facilitates online communication and networking. We combine standard functionality, modules and elements such as personalization, communication, blogs, wikis, and content sharing with unique applications tailored to the requirements of a specific community.

      • Specialized networks and comminutes
      • Content exchange and delivery
      • Social commerce
      • Mobile social networking
  • Electronic Payments

    Our expertise in integrating e-payment technologies enables us to equip your online solution with dynamic features and functions, organize secure payment transactions, providing positive shopping experience and fostering customer satisfaction and retention.

      • Online payment systems
      • Billing solutions
      • Virtual payment gateways
      • Mobile payments
  • Digital Media Distribution

    We offer developing digital media delivery solutions and content-rich applications. We empower our solutions with such features as content digitization, encoding, encryption, metadata management, indexing and search capabilities, digital rights control and management.

      • Video/Audio streaming
      • Webinars and video conferencing
      • Video on demand (VOD)
      • VoIP Solutions
  • Remote Consulting Systems

    We offer our expertise in developing remote consulting systems that can either effectively supplement your onsite services or be an independent service provided through customer portal. Remote consulting systems leverage service quality as well as the ability of your company to serve more customers.

      • Customer servicing solutions
      • Helpdesks
      • Knowledge sharing portals
      • Online trainings and distance learning


Regardless of the solution type and size, we pay equal attention to providing rich functionality, high availability, user friendly interface, smooth and agile content delivery mechanics and attractive design.

Itransition provides:

Before writing the first code line, we make sure that every detail of your solution fits into your business model and your strategic development plan.

For enterprise applications, we ensure seamless integration with enterprise accounting, order management, CRM and BI systems enabling your business to continually benefit from effective optimization of business processes.

Artificial Intelligence delivers a complete portal infrastructure, which provides people-centric integration of all types of enterprise information: corporate or third-party applications, structured/unstructured data and web content.

The Artificial Intelligence portal development services allow clients to benefit in essential areas, making managers and staff efforts more cost-effective, reducing time for information to be located and accessed, ensuring collaboration transparency.